Based on the original work "TERMINATOR" by James Cameron & Gale Anne Hurd

In 2029, Military Scientist Dr. John Connor attempts to stop a rogue group from using his Al-human hybrid tech for evil by sending a Terminator back to 1992 to kill his younger self and prevent the creation of the technology.

"Epical Love"


In the tumultuous 1860s, a young slave, falsely labeled as mentally challenged, finds trust and acceptance within the master's family. As he forms an unlikely friendship with the master's daughter, their bond deepens into a clandestine love story that defies societal norms and tests the boundaries of their forbidden relationship.

"Jesus Returns"


Jesus returns in current day and is nothing like America would expect. He has brown skin, pro sex, pro freedom and chill about drugs. He also calls out churches for hoarding wealth, land, gold and laughs in the face of traditional values.

"Raining Women"

Adult Comedy

Four geeky friends, unpopular with women, engineer an airborne virus that switches chromosomes, giving women the insatiable sex drive of men and leaving men indifferent to sex, except for the masterminds behind the change.



After their mother's murder by an armed robber, two brothers, Patrick and Peter, become vigilantes to fight crime and corruption in their city. They face moral dilemmas and danger as they seek justice and closure.



In Miami, Lana, a high-end escort with a Psychology Degree making $10,000 per hour, meets Kyle, a Brit who despises superficiality. Lana juggles her wealthy clients, her gay friend Guillermo, and gold-digging girlfriend while they fall in love. Facing dilemmas and legal battles, their story challenges norms with humor, drama, and a hint of danger.​